The Most Powerful Business Tool On Earth

Video On The Internet


92% of americans Claim to use YouTube on a weekly basis.


YouTube is the world's 2nd most visited website.


Only 32% of businesses in America advertise with YouTube and its regards as the least expensive most effective form of online marketing.

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Why Video Dominates Online

With the ability to reach all people everywhere instantly, video on the internet is quickly becoming a competitive advantage for all businesses. Gary Vaynerchuck said that 'businesses who don't understand that we are a media company 1st are vulnerable.

Video marketing is for you if you've already tried other things that didn't produce the results you want and you're confident on camera.

How To Rank On The First Page Of Google In 30 Minutes Or Less

This presentation teaches small businesses the power of YouTube and Google in a live demonstration.

It shouldn't take more than
30 minutes to make a one minute video.

    Business Revenue > $100k /mo.Business Revenue < $100k /mo.


    What do we mean when we say,
    Your Digital Partner Who Gets It.

    Small business demands and requires growth. That's why we follow the tested model of MVP (minimum viable product). Startups understand the method for creating the most leverage for financing their growth and any small business can find themselves in startup growth mode when expanding into the next generation of their business. Of course it would be great if you could do everything at once but there is a way to start small and grow into more robust digital marketing by doing what matters most first. When you design a strategy that pays for itself the growth model always works. Book a call with us to see what it's like to work with a digital marketing partner who gets it.

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    Giving Your Brand A Voice

    Our clients who delegate video communication to their forward facing employees capture the most sustainable growth.

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    Video is a great place to start

    Don't expect to go from zero to hero overnight. Video communication is a skill that works at producing results but if you think you can 'wing it' and get away with it then you're in for a nice surprise. Here are three resources we've collected for you to take you from sad 😥 to sharp 😼.

    Radio Show Recording

    This is an introduction to the one minute video formula that anyone can use to get found on the first page of Google.


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    Or, if you're ready to talk out the details of your specific situation, schedule a no pressure clarity call with Anthony to see how these techniques could be applied for you and your business.


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