Marketing Automation


It enables companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. This category of software tech is designed to allow organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels and automate repetitive tasks. Marketing automation enables many modern marketing practices, including lead generation, segmentation, lead nurturing and scoring, relationship marketing, cross-sell and upsell, retention, return on investment (ROI) measurement, and account-based marketing.

Marketing Automation Consulting

By working alongside you, we’ll help advance from platform selection to stakeholder buy-in, to smart customer journey creation.

Marketing Automation Campaign Best Practice
Pre-& Post Marketing Automation Deployment
Platform Selection


A mix of technical and marketing expertise to support the deployment of your Marketing Automation platform.

  • Setup the Right Way; Quickly, Smartly, Smoothly
  • The CleverTouch Deployment
  • Fundamental Training

Platform Training & Mentoring

For when you want to keep the key marketing automation skills in-house, quickly & competently.

Marketing Automation Training
Deploying and New Starters
Pushing the Boundaries
Bespoke Training

Insight & Analytics

Define patterns and evaluate business insights to help save time and make money through better targeting and insight.

  • Pre-campaign Insight. Know Your Data Before Launching Your Campaigns
  • Post-Campaign Analysis Campaign over? Analyse & Optimize
  • Lay the Foundations for Marketing Forecasting
  • Gain Business Insight from Marketing Automation

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