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YouTube Ads Outperform Any Other Digital Advertising platform out there.

Since 2013 we've been implementing YouTube advertising and we still haven't found any other online ad that can beat out YouTube Video Ads. One example of this is True View Video Ads. You've seen the 5 second video pre-roll ads that you can “skip". You pay nothing if they 'skip' your ad and you only pay when someone is actually interested in what they are watching. You can target geography, gender, parental status, household income, age, behavior and more.

Video marketing is for you if you've already tried other things that didn't produce the results you want and you're confident on camera.

Trust, Placement & Performance.

Why do YouTube Ads Outperform Every Other Form Of Online Advertising?

Something that you will never be able to measure with any analytical data report is the impact your ad had on the person that didn't click. This person is someone who watched your entire video and who the video had an impact with but never did anything yet! This audience is considered the middle of the funnel and this is the biggest volume of buyers who are closest to becoming customers but they still need to build more trust with you. Every time you make a positive impression on them you build up your trust account with them. All things being equal people will buy from those who they have more KLT. Know, Like, Trust.

Placement – Simply by placing your short educational video on another video, on another website on on another game or app that they already play every day anyway is a way of co-branding and associating with the trust they already have built with those other platforms. By placing your branded video on their most visited websites you're letting them know that you have these things in common and that you understand their likes and dislikes.

Performance – Producing the video is the only roadblock to unlocking low cost highly effective video messaging advertising. The problem with hiring a video producer who isn't an advertiser is that they don't know what aspect ratio, duration or audience they're making your video for so they will never be able to do as good a job making your video as an advertising engineer. The problem with hiring an advertising agency who doesn't understand video production is that they will just hire the video producer that gives them the best terms and it will end up costing the customer more overall to produce the video and the video won't get done quickly.

YouTube ads, Linkedin Video ads, and connected TV ads are relatively uncompetitive in most industries kind of like PPC ads were 10 – 15 years ago. Today PPC ads are complicated because there's plenty of competition. If you go where the people are and your competitors haven't ventured into yet do you think you might be able to find a competitive advantage? We see companies win on YouTube every day and we're here to show you the way.

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