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How To Rank On The First Page Of Google In 30 Minutes Or Less

This presentation teaches small businesses the power of YouTube and Google in a live demonstration.

Learn proper indexing and video technique from a Certified Google Partner. Audiences tell Anthony, “This is the information I’ve been looking for!” and “You filled a black hole for me.”

How To Create Youtube Video Ads

Just eclipsing cable television as the second most watched motion picture resource, YouTube Video Ads are THE MOST effective digital advertising method in the world. The ability to target your captive audience, communicate with them using the MOST effective content (video), and only spend money if people are actually interested in what you are saying makes YouTube video ads the best digital marketing play on the internet today.

Saturation is the key to this argument, however, and it won’t be this way forever. Very few businesses are using YouTube video ads simply because the knowledge on how to effectively execute a paid video campaign is so limited. Get ahead of your competition today and invite Anthony to speak to your group about this incredibly valuable marketing tool.

Youtube For Realtors

Google knows that it's users want video. Google also owns YouTube and for local search video is the best result. Especially when someone is researching real estate. See Anthony's LIVE demonstration and see how he teaches Realtors how to generate 1-2 leads per day by publishing just one 1 minute video per week to YouTube.



Ongoing training is necessary in any industry. Learn industry specific knowledge and how to beat your competition to the first page from a certified Google partner



90 Minute Keynote – In a live demonstration, Anthony explains how and why today's small businesses need to be utilizing the power of YouTube.



Designed with ROI in mind, Anthony's live demonstration shows the savvy executive the power of YouTube, Analytics and AdWords for measurable ROI on their marketing budgets.

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