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Fully Produced Monthly Podcast For only $1,550*/ month.

Restrictions Apply
Minimum 6 Month Contract Required

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Podcast Examples

What you get!

Logo animation

Your brand needs a video logo. We take your print logo and animate it graphically and musically.

1 min. promo video

We do all the work for you. Just show up and talk.

15 second intros and outros.

Your podcast needs a beautiful animated 15 second graphic to introduce who you are and what you do.

Google Drive Utilization

The best free platform for sharing large media files.

YouTube Optimization

Banner art, upload defaults, keywords and video seo.

Facebook Optimization

Consistent banner art, Event Management, Facebook Business Manager, and Instagram integration.

Linkedin Optimization

Claim company page, invite management, post events and link up the broadcast studio.

Google Business Profile Optimization.

Messaging, Analytics, SEO and Event Marketing.

Google Analytics analysis

Tracking the results that we make together will be important, so we'll make sure this is optimized for you.

6 one minute vidoes/ mo.

As a bonus gift we'll chop up your podcast into 6 separate one minute video clips for you to post throughout the month.

Audio only file

We'll delete the video and export an .Mp3 so you can post your podcast to 20 different podcast platforms.

Sales Funnel Analysis

 In digital marketing the $$ is in the follow up, so we'll take a look at how you're driving traffic, the offers your making and how you're following up with your leads.

What's the catch?

If your desire is to also publish an audio only podcast on 20 different podcast platforms like:

  • Pandora
  • iHeart Radio
  • Spotify
  • Etc

I will need to optimize your BuzzSprout account that will cost you $35/ mo.

If your desire is to publish the one minute promo videos to all of your social media platforms you will need to pay $20/ mo. for

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    We only have space for four podcasts in December at the initial low price of $1,500 per month. Before we can get started I need to learn more about your vision to see if we're a good fit as a production team.

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