Case studies


Corporate Consulting

After losing market share to independent YouTube creators Gaia hired us to re strategize and plan for future creative content. YouTube has a monopoly on free access to online video education and Gaia created a pay wall. Inspiration on one side and an invitation into transformation with their product.


Pro Soccer

The Colorado Blizzard expanded to the Denver Colosseum and needed to fill the auditorium with 10,000 attendees to justify their promotion to the next league up. ACP organized the marketing team with G-Suite, Google Drive, Website Design, Animated Logos, Promo Videos, Facebook Advertising, YouTube Ads, and Email Marketing to help the team achieve a 4th place finish in just their first year on the circuit.


Hughes Law

Richard's industry is going through a transformation and with 15 staff in the office he needed a way to increase visibility and get his name out there. With a small budget and a GREAT reputation we created one video that introduced him and his services to half a million people in a 4 mile radius of his office.

Automated Selling With Video


Curl Culture Denver

As our most successful case study to date Erik increased his new weekly clientele from 6 to 14! Taking his daily rev. up from 600 to 850.

See his testimonial video HERE.


Windermere Family Dentistry

Going from 5 new patients per month to 10+ Dr. Clair-Marie has been able to open a second office.

See her Testimonial video HERE.

Sleep SIlently

Dr. Claire bought a sleep clinic and the marketing needed to be completely revamped. She hired ACP to give her website visitors a better experience and we did that with a new logo, a new website, bio videos for everyone one staff and Google ads to target their most profitable personas. 


A1 Garage Doors

With 10 garage door technicians A-1 Garage Doors has seen consistent upward trends using video on YouTube and Facebook. They've also started implementing internal training videos to keep their service experiences consistent.

See Channel HERE.



Taking their new clients from 100 to 157 per week Symmetry 360 massage had a positive experience using 1 minute videos on Youtube & Facebook.

See Channel HERE.


My How Team

Roxane Webster leads a team of real estate agents and after 4 monthly training her agents are creating videos with ease.

See her video testimonial HERE.

Aj Steinke, lives in the Sloan's lake neighborhood and wanted a video to go out to everyone who lived there that showed he was the realtor of choice. This is a great example of a Realtor farming his neighborhood with 1 min. Youtube videos.