Free and low cost YouTube Resources

30 Jan by admin

Most people pursue YouTube resources when they want to grow their channel with subscribers. Because so many independent content creators have started to monetize their YouTube channels it is an attractive endeavor to explore.
The free and low cost YouTube Resources you find on this page are not intended to help you grow your subscribers but you may find that by using some of these resources the natural symptom of using them could produce more subscribers.
Here are the tools I used to create more sales using YouTube.

  • My smartphone.
  • External Microphones. ( I plug an external microphone into the phone)
  • The Creative Process.
  • Good Offers.
  • Good Landing Pages.
  • Good Ai.
  • Good Analytics
  • Budget

Most businesses haven's spent large amounts of money in digital marketing so it's hard to increase budget when results haven't been established. Establishing a benchmark of your most important success metric is the first objective in any Marketing effort and we make sure to help you collect your digital data and keep ownership of it moving forward so that you'll always be able to understand what's working and whats not.


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