Google Drive and Google Workspace

31 Jan by admin

One of the most overlooked free Google tools is Google Drive.
With the increase in access to overseas outsourcing Google Drive has emerged as a power tool capable of isolating and delegating all aspects of your business.
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What’s the difference between Google Drive and Google Workspace?
Google Drive is free with any Gmail account. Google Workspace prices start at a minimum of $6/ mo.
With Google Workspace you get access to these extras:

  1. More secure Google Drive Workspace folders designed to be used by others outside of your organization.
  2. You get free domain based email;
  3. For an additional $6/ mo. you can add additional domain name based emails in less than five minutes. It’s super easy to add and remove team members.
  4. You have admin access over your co-workers Google Drive folders.
  5. Calendar appointments. No need to use Calendly anymore. Use your Google calendar to create appointment availability and share your availability with others on your team.

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