Video Conversion Ads

31 Jan by admin

There is a best practice to execute a conversion style advertising campaigns. This process includes Google Ads, Google analytics (GA4) and Google Tag Manager. You’ll want to consult with someone who has experience at an advanced level when paying for Google Ads Campaigns.
Your Google Advertising representative probably doesn’t even know the best practice for setting up a conversion campaign and if you ask them they will likely refer you to their “tag team” to help you.
From experience that we have found even the “tag team” will recommend different methods for setting up your conversion tags which can become extremely confusing and frustrating.
When it comes to advertising preventing wasted budget spend is the name of the game and conversion campaigns are the best way to configure a predictable revenue spend that is tied to transactions.
Video Conversion Ads are the best of both worlds because you are able to use the premium ad placement of video in conjunction with the efficiencies of conversion ads.

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