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31 Jan by admin

If you follow these steps closely when uploading your videos to YouTube they will appear on the 1st page of Google!

I wrote the book, 3 simple steps to selling on YouTube

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To help anyone get found by people in their neighborhood who are already looking for them. This is the strategy that has allowed me and it’s readers to index hundreds of YouTube videos on the 1st page of Google!

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Uploading Your Videos To Youtube

STEP 1: Research Your Title

Step 2: Description - (Best Practices)

  • Snippet – 1st two lines. Just like a press release make it short.
  • Longer Description – Give the full explanation for someone who would rather read than watch and remember to include the words in the title.
  • Watch Other YouTube Videos – insert links to any other related YouTube videos that you might have.
  • Resources – Insert other URL links to other articles written about your topic from around the internet. The more popular the better.
  • NAP (Name Address Phone number) or Citation. This is super important for a farming strategy. It could mean that you will have to install a security system to feel safe?
  • MAP Use your Google Map Link URL. See mine here:
  • Connect with me on Social – List the URL links to your social sites. Ie. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram.
  • #Hashtag Strategy – Similar to Meta Tags {claim yours on}

Step 3: Meta Tags

Information about your information. Google doesn’t know what’s in your video so you have to tell it what keywords you are a good result for.

Step 4 & 5:

Advanced Settings & Custom Thumbnail

Like an SAT test fill out as many boxes as you can to get all the points from YouTube. Category, language, location.

Creative Commons (attribution) means that you are giving people permission to repurpose and reuse your content. This may be a strategy you use in the beginning to get more recognition.

Here's An Example Of Usint This Technique In Real Estate

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