YouTube Advertising Description and Summary

31 Jan by admin

Good marketing and advertising professionals are always looking for better campaigns that produce more desired results.
Since 2007 Anthony has been publishing videos on YouTube to generate more sales. The combination of creating video and advertising video has given Anthony an advantage in creating successful YouTube Video Advertising Campaigns.
The emotional quotient and the intelligence quotient come together to create the best end user experience.
Learn Anthony’s script formulas once and use them forever.

  • True View Video Ads
  • Video Display Ads
  • Sequence Ads
  • Custom Intent Video Ads
  • Conversion Based Video Ads
  • Form Submission Video Conversion Ads
  • Call Only Ads
  • Video Remarketing Campaigns

After establishing a positive RIO on the best Google Ads Campaigns you can explore and compare different campaigns on other formats like Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.

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